Sunday, February 14, 2010

Mystress World is no scam

Some people out there have been calling MystressWorld a scam ! Not true, My experence with MystressWorld was good and bad! Let me explain. I applied to become a lab specimen for Mystressworld as part of that i told her all about me . I have herpes and because of that MystressWorld decided that i was not a sutible applicant. Now lets get real here, If this was a scam then i'm sure she would have taken my money with no problem. However MystressWorld completely refused to take a single dime from me and infact told me that no one would be able to take me on as a sub. because of my condition. Needless to say i am very disapointed but also greatfull for Her honisty and careing attitude toward me! Believe me i have nothing to gain by writing this and am in no way connected with MystressWorld. I just don't want to see a careing wonderful women like her being bad mouthed on the internet unfairly and with no other reason than meaness! So if any Dome female or sub male are thinking of applying to MystressWorld i think you wont regret it !